by newlyVEG

Do you get asked about milk? Do you hear people saying they would never ever give up their cheese? Do you sometimes get nostalgic cravings for that ice-cream you liked years ago?

If the ethical or environmental aspect of going vegan is not for you, there is always the one concerned with health. To get more convinced (or convince someone) why giving up dairy is a good idea, we strongly (very strongly) suggest reading ‘Whitewash’ by Joseph Keon.

We all, no matter which country we live in, get brainwashed (intentionally or unintentionally) from the young age, that drinking milk is essential for our health. Protein, calcium, and what not. But is it really so?

The author’s thorough investigation of the dairy industry, public health issues, edge-cutting research and studies that have been conducted over the last decades reveals some flabbergasting facts.

The bottom line is that we, humans, are “the only species that consume another species’ milk”.

In such unnatural volumes…

I think it’s impossible to write a review or comment on this book. It has so many details, explanations, examples that one would need to write another book to fit all the comments..

If you are…: a parent, a grandparent, about to be one of them, a health practitioner, an ice-cream or cheese-addict, or just a human being… This book is for you.

No matter which country you live in and what language you speak, if you can read this post, you can read the Whitewash. Buy, borrow, get one by any means (we are not paid to advertise, by the way (; ).

It is that good.

Happy reading!
S & H