What is your carbon footprint?

by newlyVEG

Rethink. Recycle. Reuse.

Becoming vegans we don’t just focus on a food part, which is of course essential to our daily life and sometimes quite overwhelming – so much, that we start blogging about it(:
…we also start rethinking, reevaluating and refocusing.
So did NewlyVegs.

You know when you read or watch someone talking about transitions happening to them after going vegan…they talk about some clarity of mind that they obtain or regain. That’s it – you can’t find a better word to express what starts going on with and around you.

With all that new information that we get, with the shift in diet, with the changed attitude towards animals, all earthlings, human lives and environment we start resetting our values and re-establishing the whole paradigm of the world perception.

One of the most decisive part here is the people who challenge us.
You can’t avoid people who start asking you (or even sometimes proving you wrong) on the protein part, on calcium or vitamins, wondering if margarine is vegan or if vegans can eat beans or if they can eat out… They ask Why? When? How? Etc…
This all challenges you first to formulate your basic answers, then (if you see the persistence of those people) back them up with fresh and convincing data, then you realize you should make it concise and powerful. Then you realize that people just start interviewing you (:
We don’t mind that though…
In the process of getting these answers you most importantly rethink, you compare your pre-vegan attitude or outlook to the current one, you define what you value the most now..

As for our rethinking, there have been few novelties in our outlook.
What happened to us was that we came to minimalism, we started appreciating less and began to downsize. We rethought what few things we really need in life. At the end of the day – we just need each other, a cup of tea and a roof above our heads. We are still on our way to minimizing (sometimes we get amazed how attached we get to stuff) and our soon-to -come moving out to a new place would help us a lot. More on this minimalistic lifestyle is yet to come (follow up) (:
Another part of minimizing things is minimizing our carbon footprint.
As one of the components of our CF-reduction (with onset of summer) we tried to go car-free. That’s one of the direct carbon emissions. We got our bikes ready and started in June! Even when we don’t bike we try to walk and avoid driving.
We know sometimes it’s hard for people to go completely car-free, but if everyone just did it 50%?…
Just think about – how many times we unconsciously take our car and drive somewhere we could walk or bike or take a bus? That’s become so much inconvenience to us, hasn’t it? We will have to ride the bike….Or we will have to wait for a bus… We will find any excuse not to.
That’s actually not that big a deal. Our problem is that we never reflect on those extra emissions that go up in the air even on a short drive.. We think it happens only somewhere in India or China but not with us. And after all it should be the government to impose the emission reduction, right?…We neither think that walking from time to time, or biking, will actually do so much good to our health.

So we’re “starting with the man in the mirror”.
Bikes will make us less lazy (; more sporty (as it’s an extra exercise on the way to work) and more environmentally-friendly. And it’s fun! We’ve got kiddish bells on our bikes, so that when we ring them, people expect some kids riding bikes and when they see us they smile or laugh (: which is great.

So..That’s where our rethinking has lead us (: That’s just one of our ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint. What’s yours?

Join us (:

Thanks for reading,
H & S