Earthlings. No way back.

by newlyVEG

As we have already started talking about movies….

Last weekend we watched “The Earthlings”.

Well, “watched”.. We stopped it half way through, as we couldn’t take no more. And finished watching the other day.

Live footage.
Shocking-&-making-even-strongest-cry reality.

The filmmakers used a hidden camera, and did the right thing, as I guess noone would behave as they did in the movie, had they known there is a camera.. The truth is just shocking, so get morally prepared, but don’t delay watching it for too long. It’s worth watching. It’s something everyone should see.

You will see the reality as it is. And then decide whether you feel the same about animals. About meat and dairy.

So….saying shortly, our main thought after that movie was “how unfair and cruel humans are”

We, humans, live with some feeling of superiority. Superior to other species. “Intellectually higher” than other species. And at the same time having some extremely consumeristic attitude to those “not high enough”.
Who gave us any right to behave like this?
No one asks themselves.
We take it all for granted.
We’ve gone way to far.

We are all Earthlings here on the Planet Earth.
And killing animals because we are “higher” in development is the same as advocating for genocide (all the scenes from the movie are pure holocaust…), where one presumably superior race of people eliminates all others.. Does it ring a bell?

The most unfair thing is that:
We don’t kill for defending our lives.
None of the animals (millions of species…) killed on a daily basis actually attacks us or poses any threat on our lives. They are innocent. As an example from “the Edge”, of course you would kill a bear if it tries to kill you. But the reality is … we are much more of a threat to the animals.

We don’t kill for survival.
In the areas where people live with little to no access to plants (permafrost, desert or steppes) they have to keep the cattle as a source of clothes and food. It’s a natural environment for them. It’s a natural cycle there. The rest of us live in an abundance of plants around!

We have undermined the nature balance.
Now we kill for consuming. We treat nature as commodity. We use it. For either satisfying our taste buds or for fashion, for fuel and for profits…

It’s not fair to the nature.
It’s not sustainable.
It’s inhuman.

We’ve stumbled upon one response to the Earthlings on YouTube:

By true101story:

And another one by Sir Paul McCartney:

And actually, if you’ve heard of the movie, but still hesitant or scared to watch, just read or watch some responses to it, like ours or the ones on YouTube.

At the end of the day you should remember:
“If slaughter houses had glass walls we would all be vegetarians” (…or better vegans)

And this movie for 1.5 hours makes these walls glass for you. So take a chance to see it for yourself.

Thanks for reading!
S & H