by newlyVEG

Probably the best way of learning is doing something fun!
We all love movies.
We are all ready to take 1,5h out of our lives for a nice movie.
In this case it can also be the best way to educate yourself.

The best movie to start changing towards vegan! ..or at least understanding who Vegans are and why.

Marisa Miller Wolfson (filmmaker) made 3 average New Yorkers, hard core meat-eaters, go vegan for 6 weeks. At the same time she educated them on the topic of healthy diet, checked their health along with the doctors throughout these weeks and showed them the reality.

This documentary is an EYE-OPENER.
For those who have no idea. For those who still have doubts.
For us it was a turning point to never touch fish.. and another proof that it was the right decision to abstain from meat & dairy.
This movie inspires. It gives facts. It shows experience of 3 average Americans with their standard diet – anyone could be in their shoes. It shocks. It challenges your morality. And the best thing about it is that it’s not a hyperbolized made-up story, it’s a documentary.
Truth, truth and only truth.

Must-see vegan documentary.

Happy Watching,
S & H