Happy Vegan 2013

by newlyVEG

So… The experiment started on the NY’s Eve.
To be honest, we hesitated whether we can do it. But I think everyone is facing this fear.. It was not even about refraining from meat or milk. We slowly went from meat-eaters to pescetarians to semi-vegans occasionally eating fish and cheese. These TWO were our ultimate temptations! As we were both addicted to the French blue cheese, Parmesan, Swiss Gruyere…(oh, mouthwatering, huh?) and fish, it was kind of hard to make the first step. But we did it.
Inspite of fears and hesitation, inspired by the idea, other people and what they do, we convinced each other that it’s the right way to go. We made the resolution. And now there’s no way back.
It’s the second month of our journey (:
Now we realize that the most important thing is to start – to make this very first step. We thought that writing a blog with our experience is the best way to show others “a man can do what another man can do!” and explain that Veganism is not just a hippyish way of life or a rebel against the mainstream or whatever comes first to people’s mind..
It’s just a natural order of life. As we evolved. It’s a healthy lifestyle. It’s sustainability. It’s harmony within and around us. It’s the world we create.
And at this point, we realize…it’s not just a one-year-thing… It’s a commitment for life and that’s what we want to do. And now I regret not having been “vegucated” much earlier in life. But it’s better late than never. Right?
So, talking about our food:
No, we don’t just eat grass, grains and tofu.. ))
ALL the vegetables
ALL the fruit
Well, yes, grains..
Our own bread
And yes, tofu too (on occasions.. – follow up on this later)
And all the possible blends of everything above..
Thus: pizza, pasta, sushi, rolls, salads, soups, deserts, veggie ragoût.
And we JUICE.(that part deserves a separate post too)
As you see, we don’t deprive ourselves from food, do we? And it’s all yummy (:
We just don’t eat food derived from animals. Why should we?..
We know you will have these “should”s, we used to have our owns.
Not anymore. (: at least, not this way. Not through animals.
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Thanks for reading,
S & H