Vegan. To Be Or Not To Be.

by newlyVEG

The best on being Vegan we’ve ever seen was on a T-shirt (:
It just embraced the whole point! Not only the food part (:
Here it is…

Front of the shirt reads as follows:

For the People.
For the Planet.
For the Animals.

Back of the shirt reads:

Feed the hungry.
Save indigenous people.
Stand up for workers’ rights.

Be kind to animals.
Stop factory/animal farms.
Save 100 animals every year.

End deforestation for grazing.
Save an acre of trees per year.
End grazing on public lands.

Tell the government
to stop killing wildlife for
corporate ranchers’ profits.

Stop wars for resources.
Help end corporate rule.
Make the world a better place.

Help stop climate change.
Stop the #1 polluter of water.
Support a sustainable planet.

Live your values.
Live with compassion.
Stop the violence.

So…? You decide.